September 19, 2021

The Story of the Monster – The Legacy of Concert – by Ian Hall – Concert Magazine

A monster once lived on top of a hill that was revered on all sides,
Minerals in the city, igniting fires and blowing dust,

Redden the fire, redden the sky and reddened the air to breathe,
The land was muddy, and so was the river, including the peacock and the heath.

The workers are proud, they drink hard, now they could not,
But the rich man will soon put a screw in his shiny suit,

They cut his throat and let him die without thinking.
New investments, suitable jobs, new life will be sought,

After three score years, nothing new but houses all around.
The hilltop changed, newcomers barely arrived with a sound,

Train tracks diverted from Rocker to White Haven
Bright blue skies, amazing views, and red kites – let’s save them,

New schools, new stores and fast food chains have replaced noisy wine.
With Uber, online shopping and passenger jobs, there are plenty of cars here,

It needs to grow wholeheartedly to make the future strong and proud.
To help her friendly, caring people feel confident and loud,

Football, golf and rugby teams can play with pride and passion,
It is growing fast, its heart is beating but sadly there is a lesson.

Inspired by Monster – Concert Steel Works poem.

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