September 19, 2021

The storm of extinct rebel activists is disrupting many parts of London.

Non-violent protests.
Extinct Rebellion Protest / Photo Credit: Newbury.

In the wake of the climate crisis, the protesters of the extinct uprising started from the financial institutions of the city of London.

Hundreds filled the streets, blocking roads in parts of London as they called for action on the climate crisis. During their so-called ‘Blood Money’ march, the insurgents targeted financial institutions for investing in fossil fuels.

The Standard Chartered Bank in London was stained red and hand-painted by workers.

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With floods, fires and famines spreading around the world, it is clear that there is now a climate crisis, and now there is no choice but to take immediate action. Newbury Said.

Lisa Hill added: “Everyone deserves to sit at the table to see how to deal with the biggest crisis of their time.”

Campaigners use ostoms, props, art displays, banners and flags in their protests as they pass through different cities.

Bridget, a member of the Extinct Rebellion who is the UK Arts Factory Coordinator, said the group designs artwork months before the planned demonstrations.

“To make banners and flags, we work 16 hours non-stop for about a month,” he said.

“We strive to be as resourceful as possible. Our printer ink is the most environmentally friendly printer ink you can find on the planet. We do a lot. research. We get donations from pepper companies for their dead stock and charities and T-shirts.

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“Everything is upcycled as much as we can. We bought 20 liters of paint and the rest was freecycled, and we have about 300 meters of fabric for the banners. With art actions, it depends. It took three weeks to build the HS2 action for Rebel Trail.

Activists are expected to continue their protests against the climate crisis for another week.

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