October 18, 2021

The staffing crisis leaves people without mail for days as the Royal Mail blames Coved.

Mail delivery to Paisley is being delayed by a week, as staff shortages affect the postal service.
The Royal Mail said daily deliveries were being suspended if there were not enough staff and more than two days were missed.
It blames Covid’s absence, but sources warn of staff shortages, not illness, which has led to a huge backlog in sorting out offices.

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Delivery may need to be reduced “every other day”, the Royal Mail said, but acknowledged that this is not always possible.
Delivery to the town of Renfrewshire has been affected for several weeks.
Some mails that should arrive a day later take four days and one customer said a letter arrived eight days after it was posted.
A Royal Mail spokesman said: Health And the safety of our colleagues and our customers is our number one priority.
“There are no reported problems with mail delivery at the John Stone Delivery Office.
“Our goal is to reach all the mails we have, six days a week. If resource issues, isolation and security measures prevent this, we will provide it at least every other day.
“It only happens in extreme cases – where offices are severely affected by the level of absence – that this is not possible.”

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