September 22, 2021

The spokesman said Prince Harry would donate a 20 20 million memorandum to charities

Prince Harry has faced criticism following the announcement of his memoir, which he said would be the “first statement” of his life. “It’s absolutely true.” Although Netizens were shocked by the possibility that it might contain another explosive statement about the royal family, others criticized the wealthy Duke for trying to take advantage of his family.

A source said ET The 36-year-old will not directly benefit from the book amid reports that he will receive 20 20 million. Instead, he plans to donate the money to charity. There is no mention of which charity has been selected as the beneficiary, but the insider added that the terms of the agreement reached worldwide were not made public.

A spokesman for the Duke of Sussex, meanwhile, told the publication that he had already discussed his memoir with members of the royal family, amid reports that he had been completely blinded by it. He spoke to her privately about it, but she is not expected to ask permission from the palace for the book.