September 18, 2021

The senior police official did not disclose annual police leave during COP26 in Glasgow.

There will be no annual leave for the police. Scotland During the officers COP26. As Glasgow residents are promised a “normal business” service.

Thousands of delegates will arrive in Glasgow in November for a major UN conference.

The queen Has confirmed that she will attend the conference, and Pope Francis is also reportedly ready to attend the ceremony.

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Superintendent John McBride, who is involved. planning Police Scotland responded by saying that the summit was “definitely the biggest event in Police Scotland”.

But he added: “We can’t police it at the expense of business like normal policing.”

During the conference, which runs from 1 November to 12 November, officers from across the UK will come to Glasgow for the event, but they will not be involved in the daily policing.

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Spit McBride said: “An important part of our plan is to make sure that when someone needs police outside the conference, they get the answer they need right now.

There is no annual holiday allowance for Police Scotland officers for the duration of the event. Anyone who needs time goes through a strong process.

“If something happens, and it’s something out of the ordinary. For example, a police officer who arranged a wedding, obviously it’s something that will take time.

“For the most part, every police officer in Scotland will be either on duty or on duty.”

He said there would be obstacles in the city, but the plans were “solid enough” and would be publicized when they were ready. He added that there would be no “unexpected road closures” for the people of Glasgow.

“Although there will be hundreds of police officers around the city center and event space, it will not be detrimental to those who live on the outskirts of Glasgow.

“If you live in the city and you call the police, you will find the police. You will see the police as you normally would.

More than 40 percent of callers to the police non-emergency 101 number dropped out in June – and calls took an average of five minutes.

Keller Jill Brown said there was a “real danger” that city dwellers would link Miss Call to “diverting resources.”

Addressing the Safe Glasgow Partnership meeting, he said: “I have no concerns about policing. [of COP26] Because you have clearly prepared a large amount, which is very satisfying.

I am concerned that the average Glasgow resident will not be able to distinguish between the policing provided to COP26 and his call for anti-social behavior on line 101 on Friday evening.

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland said the team is working hard to ensure that “there is an operating model that provides a reasonable and sustainable service that will undoubtedly be a very difficult time”.

He added that Police Scotland had acknowledged that some people had “waited longer than we wanted” but “this is one of the few emergency services that have been providing non-emergency services during epidemics”. ۔

“We are one of the few forces in the country that publishes our performance, and that is why it is transparent and opens us up to the right way to examine that performance.”

Chaudhry Sopt Sutherland said reducing the social distance in call centers from two meters to one meter would improve the response to 101.

“Unfortunately, we are unlike other call center providers that have been able to move to a home service.

“The age of our systems and the way it is set up does not allow us to move to a working home for our contact center.”

Spit McBride added during COP26 that all staff working on the 101 service are also unable to take annual leave.

He said: “We have also painted these staff, so if any member of the police staff or any police officer who is working in the policing arm that we usually want to use during the conference “We are not.”

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