September 25, 2021

The search for St. Mary’s minister is over

Parishioners have a lot to rejoice over when a church seeks a new minister.

Reverend Ruth Morrison was inducted into St. Mary’s in Kirknteloch during a special service last week.

Rio Morrison, who is married and has a daughter, said she is “looking forward” to the next chapter of her ministry, having previously served at Clyde Bank.

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He said: “I look forward to the next chapter of my ministry.

“I am thrilled to get to know St. Mary’s Congregation and Congregation because together we discover how we can be loved, best served and God’s people in this time and place.”

Rio Morrison was appointed to St. Andrew’s Church in Arbroth in 2009 before pursuing a PhD at the University of Glasgow.

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He was then inducted into the Clyde Bank Waterfront in 2014 and Dilmour Barclay as Minister.

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