September 18, 2021

The Scottish Sun launches Earth supplement.

At the end of the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November, Scottish Sun today launched an eight-page weekly environmental issue entitled Earth. From recycling and fast fashion to eco-travel and future technology, a supplement will be developed each week around a specific green issue. The articles will be in the Scottish Sun style, with bizarre features that are important to Scottish Sun readers.

An interview with environmentalist Chris Peckham on climate issues about their climate concerns, COP26 is an opportunity to set an example for Scotland, how you use our eco-hacks for change And an introduction to the “Green Family”. They will take up the challenge of reducing their own carbon footprint.

Scottish Sun editor Gil Smith said: “As the front page of the Earth launch issue says, we don’t have a planet. Earth is about explaining to its readers in a practical and entertaining way how it is in Glasgow I can help differentiate the major issues discussed in COP26.

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