October 17, 2021

The Scots record soaks the sun on the day as we have the warmest September temperature for over a century.

Scotland has experienced the highest temperatures in September in a century.

Just two months before the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, parts of the country reached a high of 28.6C today.

The Scots have been waking up to the sun on the hottest day in September since 1906.


The Scots have been waking up to the sun on the hottest day in September since 1906.Credit: Alan McGregor Ewing.
The temperature in Scotland reached 28 degrees Celsius today.


The temperature in Scotland reached 28 degrees Celsius today.Credit: Met Office.

Today, 28.6 degrees Celsius was recorded in the border charter hall.

This makes it the hottest day in September since Gordon Castle in Murray returned to 32.2C in 1906.

The Met Office shared the news of the impressive record on social media, reaching the heights of Glasgow 27C.

It was a bit cold in the north of the country, Peterhead reached 24C and Eberleur reached 23C.

The hottest part of the country was in the south, with parts of Dumfreeze and Galway reaching 28 degrees Celsius.

People are sharing the temperature of their area on social media this afternoon.

A man from C برte d’Ivoire, Lancashire, shared a temperature of 29C on Twitter.

Someone else commented: “It’s 32C in my garden near Balter this afternoon.”

The high temperatures came as Britain prepares for storms, with yellow weather warnings issued in most areas yesterday.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for thunderstorms affecting most parts of the UK except the Southeast.

The Met Office has advised that there is a small chance of rapid flooding of homes and businesses, with floodwaters, lightning, hail or wind damaging some buildings.

This can lead to delays and cancellations in some train and bus services, as well as difficult driving conditions and road closures.

There is also a small chance that some rural communities may be temporarily cut off from flooded roads.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Almost everywhere you can see some storms on Thursday.”

Sensors on Portobello Beach in Edinburgh.


Sensors on Portobello Beach in Edinburgh.Credit: Andrew Barr.
UK weather 10 day trend – storms in sunny places.

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