October 18, 2021

The Russian actress and film director went to ISS for the first time in space to shoot a motion picture.

Russian astronaut Oleg Novotsky, aboard the International Space Station, has captured the historic launch of the Soyuz MS-19 manned transport spacecraft.

The spacecraft will carry ISS members of the ISS-66 mission, including the world’s first civilian “film crew” represented by actress Yulia Pearsild and director Klim Shipenko.

Novotsky, who saw the launch from space, Post the photo on your Twitter page. With a caption:

“Austria, we saw your flight from the International Space Station! We are waiting for you in 3 hours!”

Shipenko and Pierseld will spend at least 12 days in the ISS. There he will work on a film called “Challenge” which is the first feature film to be shot in space.

Screen shots in space will take 35-40 minutes. Russian astronauts Oleg Novotsky and Piotr Dubrov, who are now aboard the ISS, will also star in the film. It is planned that astronaut Nottsky will take the film crew to Earth on October 17 in front of Pearsild and Shipenko.

The space drama with the temporary title “Challenge” tells the story of a cardiac surgeon, Xenia (Yulia Pearsild), who has to prepare for a space flight within a month to have heart surgery on one of the spacecraft to save her. can go. …

The film crew flies through space.

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