September 19, 2021

The royal fans are upset because the HBO series ‘The Prince’ allegedly made fun of Prince Philip.

Royal fans accused the HBO Max series “The Prince” of making fun of Prince Philip, who was actually airing the show at the time, already battling ill health.

Creator Gary Genetti’s 12-episode series was originally scheduled for a spring release. Daily mail. But after the death of Shahi, he was pushed back. The show premiered in the United States on July 29, but has not yet aired in the UK.

Before its premiere, questions arose as to whether it would still include Prince Philip. That seems to be the case, and not only that, he made fun of her illness.

In “The Prince”, Prince Philip, voiced by Dan Stevens (“Beauty and the Beast,” “Downtown Abbey”), is portrayed as a man battling his debilitating illness. One scene shows him panting for air during a family dinner. He then asks Prince George to ask his aide to “prepare defibrillators.”

In another scene, the late Duke is shown scratching and eating empty and pure food. At one point he even fell to the floor while family members kept talking around him. There were spectators who photographed the royal, because they thought it tasted bad.

One wrote on Twitter, “I’m not a fan of the royal family or anything, but it’s a little disturbing when Prince Philip dies the way he photographed on HBO on #ThePrince.”

Another commented, “And they made fun of Prince Philip too. It was only in April when the Queen had to sit alone at her funeral.”

“I have never been a fan of RF but I am starting to feel bad for him. Prince Philip lost his family, his home as a young boy, fought against the Nazi regime and for the rest of his life. Served. He was a proud man. It was sad to see him presented like this, “one viewer tweeted and another said,” I’m disgusted with him. Even if I don’t like the Royals. “So it’s not funny.”

After the release of “The Prince”, it was not only because of Prince Philip’s portrayal that he was well received. It also depicts Prince George as a perverted brother and Queen Elizabeth II as a tyrant. Orlando Bloom, who voices Prince Harry in the animated series, first defended the satirical stance on the British royal family, saying it had no malicious intent.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.
Prince Philip had been married to Queen Elizabeth for seven decades. Photo: AFP / Filippo Monteforty.

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