September 23, 2021

The royal expert says that Princess Diana would support her son Harry’s upcoming memoir.

Recent reports claim that Queen Elizabeth II is considering legal action to prevent her grandson Prince Harry from making harmful revelations about the British royal family and Buckingham Palace in her forthcoming memoir. The rest of the family is also reportedly unhappy with Harry’s decision to write a memoir. However, a royal expert said that Princess Diana would definitely support her youngest son in this controversial decision.

Stewart Pierce, the late Princess of Wales’ voice coach who worked with him on his book, Diana: The Voice of Change. We are weekly. If she were still here, she would “fully” support the publication of the book. “Harry is like his mother in that he has a sense of humor. He walks like a jerk,” she explained.

The author cites Diana’s famous interview with Martin Bashir (obtained in unethical ways) and her collaboration with Andrew Morton on her biography proves that she has always supported the truth. So, unlike the rest of Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle’s family, she’s not nervous about a controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“Diana was happy with her statements during these interviews … and she would say, ‘Yes, I got it!’ And we will, ”reminded Paris.

The Duke of Sussex announced last month that he was writing a book about his life, which Penguin Random House will publish later next year. Numerous reports have claimed that he could make further allegations against the royal family in his book, including revealing the name of a racist senior royal who commented on the skin color of his unborn child.

However, Pierce said of the book, “Nothing will happen about the accusation, not at all. It is in a state of change.” The author added that he believed the royal family was “probably feeling a little upset” anyway.

A source told the outlet last month that the royal family was “shocked” and “shaken” by the news of the book because “they have not yet received a copy and do not know what to expect.”

Princess Diana.
August 19, 1995: Princess Diana and her son Harry watch veterans march on the mall as part of VJ’s 50th birthday celebrations.
Alan Lewis / AFP

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