September 17, 2021

The royal expert says Prince William Harry’s memory will be the “worst” victim

The royal family is said to be already emphasizing what Prince Harry will reveal in his forthcoming memoirs, while Prince William’s brother fears the worst because it could affect his future. ۔

The Duke of Cambridge could suffer the most as a result of the book, said royal expert Ingrid Seward. He said the revelations could be potentially detrimental to the British monarch and consequently to the future of the monarch. Prince William is second only to his father, Prince Charles.

“Basically if Harry says things that are inappropriate about the kingdom, it’s William’s future,” he was quoted as saying. Express “It’s not Harry’s future, he’s out of it now, but it’s William’s future,” he added.

Seward pointed out that the contents of Prince Harry’s memoir could make or break his relationship with his older brother. The revelations could take them even further, provided there is already an alleged uproar.

“Perhaps William is the one who will get out of this worst case scenario because there is a line between William and Harry,” he said.