October 25, 2021

The rover returns to Husky with burns and puncture wounds.

Warning: Content and images may be sensitive to some readers.

When you leave your dog with a sitter, it is important to choose someone you trust. Sadly, like so many other dog parents, one man at a time learned this trick. He uploaded a series of videos describing the horrific situation his dog went through.

He left his Husky Grover with the rover setter, but when his dog came back he was not himself. Grover felt as if he had been beaten over the weekend. Now, his man is demanding justice.

Grover's Husky.

The weekend becomes a nightmare.

Grover’s man was out of town for less than 72 hours, so he left the baby with a rover setter while he was away. After a while, he started getting some objectionable messages from the setter, but he tried not to worry too much about it.

“Hey! Did you say Grover was having trouble separating? The seater sent a text.” I went to workout this morning and came back and he rubbed part of his nose on my door and bit it a little. Scratched

Setter added that Grover had never done such a thing before. Then, he pointed out, instead of focusing on Grover’s health, his door could be easily repaired. At that moment, Grover’s man thought it would be a small scratch, but when he picked up Grover, he became frightened.

Husky scratched and burned.

Not only did Grover have a scratch on his nose, but he also had puncture wounds that were burning heavily on his head. He also lost four pounds. Poor Grover’s personality seemed to have faded. He refused to eat or drink at first.

The setter defends himself.

After watching Grover more closely, his man re-texted the setter, questioning the dog’s severe injuries. He asked why Grover looked beaten, and the occupant repeated that he sniffed as he tried to enter the other room. When Grover’s father asked about the puncture wounds, the occupant claimed he had never seen a hole or puncture.

“Are they deep holes? I don’t see anything in the house that could puncture him because he didn’t cut a large piece of wood or anything.”

Wounded husky man.

They also sent him a picture of the scratched door, saying there was only a little blood on it. Since the occupant did not seem willing to admit anything, Grover’s father decided to investigate further.

He got another review from a user who had a similar bad experience with Setter. The survey claimed that the occupant cares more about exercising than caring for the dogs. The man’s dogs, like Grover, were returned in a terrible condition.

Justice for Grover.

Grover is not the only dog ​​injured by a rover setter. Many dogs have. Lost Gold passed away Under the care of a sitter at one of these sites. Therefore, Grover Man is urging everyone to share their social media posts to make their story viral.


Every day, Grover makes small improvements and starts doing a little more like himself. Now he’s eating, playing and even making stupid husky sounds like before. He has not yet regained all his energy, but he is slowly recovering and getting better.

Grover’s father hopes the story emphasizes others. Be careful when choosing a pet seater.. If possible, find a friend, family member, or someone you trust to see your dog. He says relying on websites like Rover and Vogue is not risky.

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