The risk of overthrowing tyrant Putin in a coup ‘rises every week amid failed invasion of Ukraine’, whistleblower claims

The chances of Vladimir Putin being overthrown in a coup d’état are growing “every week” as the botched invasion of Ukraine continues, the whistleblower said.

A source in Russia’s FSB security service said the agents were growing frustrated with Putin’s handling of the war.


Russian intelligence agencies are tired of Putin’s failed invasion of Ukraine.1 credit
A Burnt Russian Tank Lies On The Side Of A Road In Ukraine


A burnt Russian tank lies on the side of a road in Ukraine1 credit
Today'S Russian Losses, According To The Ukrainian Military


Today’s Russian losses, according to the Ukrainian military

Putin expected a quick victory when he ordered the invasion on February 24, but fierce Ukrainian resistance has led to a rise in the death toll, including several generals and senior officers.

This was reported by Russian journalist Vladimir Osechkin with reference to his source. Time that Western sanctions are hurting the lifestyle of his country’s top secret service agents, who are allegedly prevented from visiting their vacation homes or being able to “take their kids to Disneyland Paris”.

FSB officers are paid more than the average Russian, and they receive an apartment from the state.

Osechin told The Times: “For 20 years, Putin has been creating stability in Russia. FSB officers, police officers, state prosecutors – these people inside the system – could live a good life.

Reporter Killed In Strike In Kyiv - Fourth Journalist Killed In Putin'S Massacre
Russia Loses Two More Commanders As Putin Orders A Purge Due To Military Disaster In Ukraine

He said Western sanctions are destroying that and adding to the collective frustration with the Russian leader.

“With every week and every month that this war continues, the likelihood of a riot from the secret services increases.”

This is because Russia has reportedly lost 40,000 people since the conflict began a month ago.

Moscow accidentally reported that it had lost 10,000 troops when that figure was made public by a pro-Kremlin newspaper.

Most read in The Scottish Sun

But NATO has said the figure could be as high as 15,000, with total casualties including wounded, captured or missing as high as 40,000.

The estimate is based on the numbers of what Russia disclosed intentionally or deliberately, a NATO official said.

If NATO’s assessment is correct, then Russia’s losses in just under a month in Ukraine are now the same as they suffered during their ten-year war in Afghanistan, which ended in 1989.

Meanwhile, Kremlin insider Anatoly Chubais stepped down and left the country, citing his opposition war in Ukraine. It is reported by Bloomberg.

The 66-year-old climate envoy announced his resignation in a letter to colleagues and friends on Tuesday.

Chubais had a hand in the economic reforms that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, but remained in Putin’s government and maintained close ties with Western officials.

In response to the hesitant invasion, Putin reportedly placed General Vladislav Yershov under house arrest.

Under his command, the 6th Army lost 2,000 soldiers, including 180 national service conscripts, according to Ukrainian media.

He was fired by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who himself has not been seen for 12 days and is said to have “heart problems.”

He is considered one of Putin’s closest and most loyal allies.

But tensions arose over waging war with him and other leaders of the army and law enforcement agencies.

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Carl Woods

His daughter Kseniya, 31, recently appeared with the baby in photos in Ukrainian blues and yellows.

It is clear that lies were sold to Putin’s soldiers: some said that these were exercises, while others assured that they would be greeted as heroes.

Ukrainian Defenders Very Successfully Fired Off Russian Tanks


Ukrainian defenders very successfully fired off Russian tanksPhoto: Twitter/@UAWeapons
Ruins Of A Supermarket Blown Up By Russia In Kyiv


Ruins of a supermarket blown up by Russia in KyivCredit: Pacific Coast News.

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