September 28, 2021

The Rig: The first images are a glimpse of Martin Compston in the Amazon series.

At first glance, the images offer a glimpse of Martin Compston, including the new thriller The Rig.

The six-part Amazon Prime video series recently completed filming.

The rig tells the story of a North Sea oil rig on the Scottish coast that is cut off from all communication with the coast and beyond. World Because of the earthquake

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According to a statement from the programmers, “As the crew tries to figure out what drives this unknown force, a major accident forces them to ask who they can really trust. ”

It added that the staff would “lead to confrontation with forces beyond their comprehension, to the extent of both their loyalty and their endurance.”

Glasgow Times:

The series, which was fully filmed. Scotland, Created by David McPherson and directed by John Sterkland.

New photos show Compston’s character in the vein.

The series also features Game of Thrones actor Ian Glenn, Shit Creek star Emily Hampshire and Small X’s Rochenda Sandals.

Glasgow Times:

Owen Tilly, Richard People, Mark Bonar, Calvin Demba, Eamonn Elliott, Abraham Popola, Stuart McCurry and Molly Weavers are also working on the series.

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