October 17, 2021

The resignation of the cabinet minister adds to the worries of the stars.

The resignation of the shadow cabinet minister has added to the stars' woes.
The resignation of the shadow cabinet minister has added to the stars’ woes.

Labor leader Sir Carestarmer is facing a further crisis following the resignation of a shadow cabinet minister during a party conference that contradicted the minimum wage policy.

Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Andy McDonald said on Monday that he could no longer work for the party and that his position on Sir Kerr’s front bench was “unbearable.”

Surgery UK McDonald’s is understood to have said in his resignation letter that Sir Care’s office had “instructed” him to attend a meeting to discuss the national minimum wage of 15 hours per hour and the legal wage on living wages. Do “.

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According to him, it was “something I couldn’t do.” McDonald’s said the Labor Party, led by Sir Kerr, was “more divided than ever”.

McDonald’s resignation added to Sturmer’s worries as party leader. The former assembly member has faced severe flogging after proposing to amend the party’s election rule book in favor of the electoral college system.

Sturmer began the conference by staring at defeat in a move to abolish the one-man, one-vote, Labor leadership election, but passed alternate changes to labor laws that would allow his peers to be less supportive of MPs. It will make it difficult to get on the ballot.

Talking to trade unions about the change of government, Sir Kerr apologized for the refusal of union leaders to support the 15 minimum wage.

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The Labor Party says it is ready for a minimum wage of 10 10, reflecting a ڈ 1 increase from the current 9 8.91, although the rate will have already reached that level by the next general election.

Speaking to reporters at a Labor conference in Brighton, McDonald said: “It was a composing meeting yesterday when we were promoting membership and union. [a £15 minimum wage] And be asked to defend the position and not support what the party and the union want to do which I cannot maintain in all conscience.

“That’s what we should do. Is it really unreasonable to expect people to go to work, our key workers do not have a level of pay and are unable to maintain their position?”

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