October 20, 2021

The resident of the longest shelter gets a stay when he goes home.

On average, dogs live in a shelter for a few days to several months. There are many different factors that can affect the length of their stay, and life in the shelter can be stressful for them. But after 260 days, the longest resident of the McCammy Animal Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, finally went home.

“We’re not sure what his living environment was like before we came, but it was very clear that he didn’t immediately trust everyone,” said Lauren Mann, the shelter’s advance manager.

Big Mac is smiling.
Image Credit: Facebook / McCami Animal Center.

Big Mac, a handsome Brundell boy, was one of the children struggling with life in the shelter. He was terrified, and found strangers and new places terrifying. Her lack of love and her worries about finding shelter probably played a big part in her long stay. You, Long ago, Big Mac was the longest resident in the shelter.

Big Mac and his mother.
Image Credit: Screenshot / McCami Animal Center.

But once a shelter volunteer decided to raise him, and took him home, he was a completely different dog. He was able to relax, open and bond with his foster mother. She fell on the steps for this lovely boy, and became a big mac called “foster failure”. Her “temporary foster home” became her permanent home.

Big Mac and Mom.
Image Credit: Screenshot / McCami Animal Center.

“His resident dog took him under his arm, and when he was out for a walk and he was a little scared, his dog would say, ‘No, it’s okay’ and he’ll show him it’s okay.” And people can be trusted, “Lauren said.

Inside the shelter, Big Mac was embarrassed and scared, but once he found himself in a cozy home environment, he really opened up and his personality began to shine. He rested for a full 12 hours a night, then woke up and got ready to play with his two lovely siblings.

Sending a big Mac.
Image Credit: Screenshot / McCami Animal Center.

Once it was official that he had found his new permanent home, the shelter workers wanted to do something special on the occasion and to say goodbye. So they stood up and sent Big Mac into the world. Smiling staff and volunteers lined up outside the shelter, applauding Mac and wishing him well. It was bitter and sweet. They will miss the big, cute Brundell boy, but they are glad to see him go home.

You can watch Big Mac’s Super Sand Off in the video below.

H / T: petrescuereport.com
Featured image: Facebook / McCami Animal Center

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