September 20, 2021

The Red Bull has new evidence that will crash Hamilton Versatapen into ‘different light’.

Red Bull Racing Advisor Helmut Marco has revealed that the team has new evidence to protest their Silverstone crash that will shed light on the incident in a “different light”.

The Austrian team has asked to review the incident of the first lap between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, which caused the champion leader to fly over obstacles and hit 51G. The Dutchman was hospitalized for a check, as the Mercedes driver overcame a 10-second penalty to win the race.

The Red Bulls were angry at the minimum sentence Hamilton had a dangerous move that he thinks about. He has requested a formal review before the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend, with a preliminary review due on Thursday.

It is clear that new evidence will be needed to keep the investigation alive, and Marco believes the Red Bull has the necessary tools to ensure a review of the incident.

“We’re glad it’s reached this review and then we’ll see how they decide. But I think what we bring forward will present it.” [the incident] In a different light, “Marco said in an interview RTL.

“We have the footage, but the important point is that we will bring new evidence, although please let me know that I cannot reveal the exact details,” he added. “These facts will be brought to the fore during the meeting on Thursday and we hope that this will lead to a review of the fines.”

Marco thinks the fine during the British Grand Prix was too cheap and suggested a harsher sentence for Hamilton. The Red Bull chief knows that the seven-time world champion of Mercedes can also be acquitted, but he hopes that the prominent team of the championship will come first.

“There is a reasonable penalty that prevented the victory. Suspension by drive or for the next race. Something with these letters,” Marco said, explaining what the fines should be.

“Our only concern is that the new discoveries have been taken into account and Max can clearly see that we are completely behind it.”

Max Versatapen
Max Werstapen was the winner of the Red Bull in Austria last year
William West / AFP

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