September 18, 2021

The Red Bull executive refused to pardon Lewis Hamilton, blowing him up for Fernando Alonso’s comments.

Red Bull Racing Advisor Helmet Marco seems ready to forgive and not forget. Lewis Hamilton’s clash with Max Verstappen. At the British Grand Prix, Austria has now compared it to the incompetence of Sebastian Vettel, while the Mercedes driver has also been criticized for his comments about Fernando Alonso.

Vettel was disqualified for its P2 final at the Hungarian Grand Prix on August 1 after failing to provide the team commanders with a minimum fuel sample, which must be done after the race. The decision was upheld earlier this week when Austin Martin requested a review.

Marco admitted that while he deserved to be punished, he felt that the severity of the punishment needed to be reconsidered. The Red Bull chief was unhappy that the driver who tried to win the race was punished for not having enough fuel. Hamilton was sentenced to just 10 seconds. To knock out Verstappen from the British GP, which did not stop the British from winning the race.

“The relationship between convictions needs to be examined. It is clear why Vettel almost ran out of fuel, because a normal race was calculated and then he used more in combat. [Esteban] Ocon – No driver saves fuel in this situation. What kind of punishment is this compared to Hamilton’s crime? Marco said, As referenced on the GP blog.

The seven-time F1 World Champion also criticized Hamilton after calling Alonso’s driving in the Hungarian Grand Prix dangerous. The Alpine driver defended his position fairly and held the Mercedes for several laps, which helped his teammate Esteban Okon win.

He added: “Then there is Hamilton’s statement about Fernando Alonso’s dangerous driving. done.”

Lewis Hamilton
Home Comfort: Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning first place in the Silver Stone qualifying on Friday.
Lars Baron / Pool

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