September 17, 2021

The Real Madrid winger is not interested in returning to the Premier League

Real Madrid’s Belgian forward Eden Hazard has ruled out a return to the Premier League with Chelsea FC. Despite the disappointing first two seasons with the Spanish giants, Hazard is not interested in trying to reclaim his former glory days with the Blues.

Real Madrid returned بل 100 million in 2019 worth in worth by signing the blockbuster. He is seen as the first of a new generation of “galacticos” but has so far failed to live up to expectations. After establishing himself as a star footballer at Chelsea, Hazard suffered several injuries after arriving in Spain. He spent most of his first two seasons off the pitch in the Spanish capital.

In the first season, he was expected to complete Cristiano Ronaldo’s left foul, but Hazard only appeared in 16 league matches. The following year, Hazard was even sidelined with an ankle and hamstring injury, despite providing additional recovery time from the novel Corona virus epidemic.

According to Espana football, Real Madrid offered to buy Chelsea back to Belgium, but they were not interested either. Los Blancos saw an opportunity to take their bill off Hazard’s wages for the next season, and to get them as far as possible, here and there, here and there, here and there, here and there, here and there, here and there. However, both the players and the Premier League are not in line with the plan to move here and there, here and there, here and there.