October 20, 2021

The Real Madrid player suffered another setback due to injury.

Real Madrid are dealing with a growing list of injuries in the CF 2021-22 season. The latest blow came during the club’s 2-1 victory over Valencia at the Messila Stadium on Sunday evening. Dani Carvajal was ruled out of the match after just 25 minutes on the pitch, causing fans to worry about how his season went in the previous campaign.

Wrightback started the current season recovering from a previous injury. He returned to play against Leonte on August 22, and has been featured in five matches for Los Blancos ever since.

Instead of pulling, he walked off the pitch, signaling that he had been replaced as a precaution. However, it is a matter of concern that whenever a player leaves the pitch so quickly in a match, it is even more so for someone who has been injured for the past year.

Lukasz Vazquez has taken over from Carvajal, and more news is coming in about the bodyguard’s condition.

Carlo Ancelotti would not like progress even if it was a minor knock. He already has six injured players, and is using Eden Hazard with extreme caution. If Carvajal returns soon, Ancelotti will have another player who needs to be well-managed to avoid running again.

Last season, Carvajal had a nightmare, especially after he tried to recover from a previous injury to help the squad go through the final crucial period of the season. He suffered a total of five injuries during the 2020-21 campaign, which resulted in him losing 36 of 52 matches. He’s been out of action for 190 days, and this season is heading in that direction.

So far, Real Madrid’s injury list has been alarming, with Tony Cruz, Dani C Ballos, Mariano Diaz, Fairland Mandy, Marcelo and Gareth Bale all out of action.

Nevertheless, Real Madrid tops the La Liga table. They have managed well so far, with new signer Eduardo Camawinga excelling in his first few appearances. The attack is working well, with Vincennes Jr. committing a serious crime with Karim Benzema.

Ancelotti knows he needs to move players, but with limited options, he is lucky to have a very high standard on the Real Madrid bench.

دانی کارواجل۔
Dani Carvajal was a key player for Zinedine Zidane.

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