September 18, 2021

The Real Madrid manager admitted that he was helpless to help Sergio Ramos.

One of the biggest headlines this summer was the departure of former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, followed by a move to Paris Saint-Germain. New reports have surfaced claiming that before leaving, Spinard had asked returning manager Carlo Ancelotti to help resolve the extension of his contract with Los Blancos a few months earlier. As we all know, the Italian player was not able to stop the exit.

Carlo Ancelotti returned to Madrid at the end of last season to take over from Zinedine Zidane. This is his second season with the club, and he has good relationships with many of the squad’s veterans, including Ramos. According to BrandRamos contacted the manager at the latter’s appointment to ask for his help.

Ramos and Ancelotti worked together successfully when the Italian was in charge of the club between 2013 and 2015. Ramos was banking on whether Ancelotti could step in and help him extend his contract, which we know about. Delayed since January

However, the reappointed manager reportedly said the matter was between Ramos and club president Florentino Perez. The club offered Ramos an extension in January, but he turned it down at the time.

The club refused to renegotiate the deal, and when Ramos found himself running out of time, he took a U-turn only to find out that the club had already removed the offer from the table.

As everyone knows what happened next, both Ramos and Perez acknowledged that this was a difficult outcome for the 16-year relationship between the player and Real Madrid. Ramos is a club legend and will always be, but Florentino Perez has proved once again that no player is greater than the club, and he has always run the organization with a strong hand and in the best interests of the club as a whole. Will.

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos celebrates as Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-0 AFP / Gabriel Boys.

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