September 18, 2021

The Queen’s Marble Estate is exempt from the use of renewable energy only after secret lobbying.

Queen Elizabeth II’s lawyers have been secretly lobbying for an exemption from the Scottish Government’s new climate change law, which was introduced by the Scottish Government earlier this year.

The Queen’s private 50,000-acre Balmeral estate in Aberdeenshire is making her a major landowner in Scotland. According to the Green Energy Bill, which passed legislation on March 30, homeowners are required to use renewable energy to heat their buildings.

The queen also had to abide by the new rules, but her lawyers went to great lengths to ensure that her real estate was exempt. According to Scottish Liberal Democrat researcher Lilly Humphrey’s documents, Nicola Sturgeon’s government approached the Crown Prince before introducing the bill as part of Parliament, known as the Queen’s consent. The government is asked to seek the king’s permission to discuss the legislation as it passes the bill, which is being passed by parliament.

Seen according to the papers GuardianThe Sturgeon government failed to reveal the Queen’s lobbying during a debate in Parliament on why the King was seeking immunity from the Green Energy Bill. The queen’s lawyers had obtained the exemption five months ago. On February 3, officials working for Energy Minister Paul Whale House noted that the king’s lawyers had approached him about the Heat Networks Bill, which aims to raise the district’s temperature in the country and improve Scotland’s climate. I want to contribute to the transformation goals.

Whale House agreed to amend the bill, saying, “The Minister agreed to the proposed amendment which will be dealt with. [sic] Concerns from the Queen’s lawyers. Two weeks later, the Queen gave her consent to the Scottish Government to approve the bill.

The waiver only applies to the Queen’s private lands in the country, which is the Balmoral Estate, but under the Crown, Glennate’s property will still have to comply with the regulations. During a debate among MSPs five days after the bill was passed, Whale House introduced an amendment that applies to lands entirely owned by the king.

MSP Andy Whitman objected that it was wrong to select only the Queen for preferential treatment, while former Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Renee expressed concern about providing the Queen with “secret doors” to change the law. What However, Whale House claimed that “the bill was to ensure its smooth passage”, and declined to mention lobbying by the Queen’s lawyers.

Balmoral Castle
Guest at a garden party at Balmoral Castle in Scotland in 2012
Photo by David Cheskin. WPA Pool / Getty Images

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