October 21, 2021

The PSG boss admitted that a transfer to Real Madrid was still possible for Mbabane.

Paris Saint-Germain officials are determined to keep Kylian Mbabane at the Parc des Princes, but manager Mauricio Pochettino is singing another tune. Argentina have admitted that Mbabane’s future is still uncertain and he knows he will have to prepare for the possibility of a future line-up without a player.

This season, Pochettino has relied heavily on the French forward, who is part of the much-maligned attacking victory with Neymar Jr. and newcomer Lionel Messi. Although Pochettino has the French until the end of the current season, he knows he needs to prepare for the possibility of his departure.

“I am left with the fact that the situation is open and anything can happen in the future. The position of a few months ago may change in the future. Desire and ability. Things to live and be happy, chances are he can change his mind, “he said. Brand

This is the first time that an authority in Paris has acknowledged that Mbabane could leave very well at the end of the season. Earlier, club president Nasir al-Khalifa and sporting director Leonardo both insisted the player would remain in the PSG. They are determined to offer him a deal before he can sign the La Liga giants Real Madrid in January.