September 18, 2021

The proposed energy facility presents facts to dispel superstitions about its plans – Concert Magazine.

[Content submitted by Fusion PR Creative on behalf of Project Genesis Ltd, Hownsgill Energy Center]

Subject to plan approval, the House Flower Energy Center will create approximately 70 jobs as part of the construction process, and will then expand into the wider supply chain as well as attract multi-million pound investment and new development projects. Will help to directly benefit the community.

It will describe renewable, state-of-the-art technologies, and state-of-the-art filtration and sanitation systems used in the world’s leading facilities, fully ensuring extremely safe production of renewable energy, without any health and Safety will provide electricity equivalent to 8,000 homes. Dangers to the general public

Environmental permits will also be sought and required to operate, ensuring that the highest regulatory requirements and set standards are strictly adhered to.

However, and unfortunately, misleading and misleading information is circulating. Opposition group online and promotional ‘against’ literature., Has distorted many truths around projects, especially those related to exclusion and health.

In addition, invitations were sent. Housing Gul Energy Center. (Project Genesis Limited) Some network spokespersons, officials and community representatives have also been denied access to fully engaged and open and balanced communication.

A spokesman explained, “We fully understand that the community will have questions regarding this proposal, and we warmly welcome this discussion. We always have. Among other activities, we He recently conducted an online consultation with local Deloitte Lane councilors, which was very fruitful, but it was also disappointing to know and see that many of them were active in their opposition. They were also refusing to engage with us.

“Our plans are not for a ‘monster, poisonous plum burner’ because it is being labeled incorrectly, but instead for a very safe, small-scale energy facility that fits the site.” For which it has been proposed (ie a park dedicated to the industrial development of an industrial future).

It is much needed locally, not only to reduce the waste currently going to landfills, but also to help improve local infrastructure, as electricity such as electric vehicles and home charging is now available. There is a lot of demand on supply. Points Without significant network investment, improvements and facilities such as House Gul, the network cannot handle easily.

“It’s not an unconventional idea we’ve just come up with. We’ve carefully planned, researched, and estimated the need for low-carbon power in the convent over the years. Simply put, we, As a community, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the non-recyclable, non-hazardous materials produced in our own area, some of which leave household waste behind, which our children bury for years to come. . dealing with.

“This energy facility is a very safe proposal that poses no health risk to the locals. What will be emitted from the stack will be mainly water vapor and harmless carbon dioxide, and as a result no We will not breathe anything that is not already in the air we breathe.

Durham County Council is scheduled to hold a planning meeting in September (date TBC). More details about the plans and the House Gul Energy Center can be found here.

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