September 22, 2021

The PRMC welcomes help in fighting the rise of Cove 19. Free.

As the Delta of Covid 19 continues to grow in various local, state and national cases, the Paris Regional Medical Center welcomes outside nursing assistance to care for the growing number of hospitalized patients once again. ۔

The hospital’s CEO Steve Hyde said Friday that seven intensive care unit nurses and two respiratory therapists are completing the PRMC staff. Hyde said the additional support increased the hospital’s ICU beds from 12 to 16.

“This means there is less room for other patients in the ICU who are non-cowardly,” he said.

The number of hospital admissions to Covid 19 skyrocketed in August compared to early summer. In June, the youth joined the PRMC. In the month of July, there were about 30. For August, there were 140 entries, and Hyde is expected to see similar numbers in September.

The CEO said that on Friday, the number of people admitted to the hospital at PRMC with Kwid 19 was close to 40, adding that the number varies daily and sometimes hourly. Hyde said that over the past 10 days, at least 30 Kovid 19 patients have been admitted to the hospital in the PRMC, and recently the number has been in the mid-30s, which began to rise again on Friday.

“People in the hospital are just sick. I would say that one-third of our hospital’s census is covid patients, and what we get is, in general, covid patients stay in the hospital longer than non-covid patients.

Statistics from the Paris-Lamar County Health District show that there were 475 active cases on Thursday, bringing the total number of Lamar County cases to 7,559 since March 2020. One hundred and twenty-six county residents have died from cowardly 19, up from 113 on June 2, according to statistics.

A recent investigation by the New York Times into the Cowed 19 numbers shows that most Cowed surgeons around the world last for about two months before the case numbers begin to fall. Hyde said he was aware of the report, and estimated that if the pattern persisted, Lamar County would be about a month into the current surge. The pattern makes sense, he said, because “at some point, everyone will either take a different form of this delta or get vaccinated.”

With it now Labor Day weekend, Hyde said it could be October before the PRMC sees a significant drop in the number of Cove 19 patients. Throughout the epidemic, the number of cases increased in the two weeks after the holiday when families reunited and the virus spread.

“I think we have another – in my opinion – a difficult month ahead of us. It never freezes. There are a few ups and downs,” Hyde said.

Now that schools are in session and Delta is affecting a wide variety of young people, there is some concern that the PRMC will look into more cases of pediatric covid 19. On Friday, no child was admitted to the hospital at PRMC. The average age of patients with Covid 19 is 60 years, compared to 70 years during the previous increase. Hyde said there were “a handful” of 19 patients under the age of 47 in the 1950s.

It’s amazing to me that we have 40-year-olds in the hospital. … Therefore, our experience at the national level shows that this stress has led to the general hospitalization of young people. “Worryingly, the people who are in the hospital are getting immunizations. It’s not 100 not, it’s 95 or more, and the people in our ICU and the people we have. Lost this month they are largely insecure.

The CEO is urging the residents of the area to get vaccinated. Among those efforts is a Covid 19 vaccination clinic at 1128 Clarksville St. There, the Paris-Lamar County Health District is offering a free covid vaccine to anyone 12 years of age or older who does not need it. All three vaccines – Pfizer, Moderina and Johnson & Johnson – are available. Call 903-715-0422 or 1128 Clarksville St. , Go to Ste. 150, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Powderly Fire Department, 100 CR 44112, will host the Health District on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to offer free, innovative and Pfizer vaccines, with first, second and booster shots available.

Many local retailers continue to provide free Covid 19 vaccinations, including Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

The increase in the number of coveted 19 patients has forced the hospital to take a closer look at selective surgeries. Hyde said “selective” is a bit of a misnomer because most people don’t go for surgery unless it’s needed, but it has become a question of how quickly surgery is necessary. Hyde said doctors are working with patients to schedule shorter surgeries in the short term to ensure the hospital has the resources and staff to handle the arrival of Covid 19.

Hyde credited the PRMC doctors, nurses and staff for making the hospital’s operations run smoothly so that they could meet all the health needs of patients. Although the hospital is well staffed and supported from outside, nurses are working overtime and additional shifts are being taken to maintain the hospital’s capabilities.

Hyde said PRMC is working to open a free Cowed 19 testing clinic at the Robinson Building, 1128 Clarks Will St. He said 80 people were tested on Thursday and 20 percent tested positive for Covid 19. It is hoped that the clinic will prevent people from coming to the hospital’s ER for a quad test. “With stomach problems and headaches, it’s understandable that more and more people will be testing,” Hyde said.


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