September 28, 2021

The price of the Glasgow Christmas tree has sparked outrage from councilors.

A report proposing to spend 000 13,000 on a Christmas tree in a Glasgow area has sparked blasphemy, with one councilor asking if it was “made of gold”.

The procurement report detailing the supplier tenders states fest 13,000.

The report did not say where it would be placed, raising questions about the usual price of a Christmas tree for George Square.

The price was highlighted a Council A meeting was held on Thursday, August 26, where Councilor Jim Kavanagh expressed his distrust of the money and asked if the tree was “made of gold.”

The figures came from a horticultural purchase report submitted to Glasgow City Council’s Contracts and Property Committee.

Councilor Kavanagh repeatedly asked council officials to clarify whether the money would be spent on a single company. But despite his efforts, he was hanging on to the explanation.

The report states: “Supply and delivery of a large real Christmas tree (up to 65 feet), 13,000.”

Commenting on the price of tears, Keller Kanag said: “I’m sure the people of Glasgow would love to hear that.”

Maureen Fitzpatrick, the council’s head of procurement, said the money was “expected” to be spent.

The purchasing owner said the figures also apply to the South Lanarkshire Council – not just as part of the Glasgow “Mutual Framework”.

Ms Fitzpatrick added: “Supply and demand have led to a significant increase in the price of Christmas trees. I believe there has been a problem with Christmas trees in the last few years.

“When we go out and ask for a big tree, it will be what is available now – from 40 feet to 65 feet,” said David Hart, commodity procurement officer.

Mr Hart said the costs included planting equipment, including cranes.

A total of 25,000 were also registered for the annual supply and delivery of real Christmas trees up to 20 feet high.

“It doesn’t tell me anything,” said Councilor Kavanagh.

Cardonald and Labor politicians wanted to know how many trees would be bought for 25,000.

Ms Fitzpatrick said the paper dealt with the appointment of suppliers within a framework.

He said: “There is no guarantee that the council will go ahead and buy any of the products listed. We provide suppliers with an expectation of what we need but depending on what we can buy can vary considerably.

He added: “This is to give the committee an indication of what we can potentially spend based on what we have received.”

Apparently disappointed Councilor Kavanagh’s final comment on the matter was: “If you could explain to us the price of the Glasgow Christmas tree and the price of the George Square Christmas tree, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Councilor Malcolm Balfour, SNP, said he has noticed that Christmas trees are “quite expensive” when considering them for their local ward area.

Councilor Kavanagh replied: “There has never been a tree in Cardonald Ward since our conception.”

Drum Chapel and Ennisland Councilor Balfour confirmed that funding proposals were presented at the Area Partnership Meetings. But Councilor Kavanagh said no mention was made in his area.

SNP North East Councilor Roeri Kelly said the Glasgow Area Partnership Meetings received 4 4,000 for the supply, installation and installation of Christmas trees in local areas.

Concerns about prices have been raised in a report recommending councilors to approve a framework agreement with suppliers for horticultural products and services.

Glasgow City Council estimates it will spend 400 400,000 a year on horticultural products and services.

This includes topsoil, turf, bush, among other products and services.

The councilors approved the report.

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