September 17, 2021

“The president is with us,” the Guinean rebel leader told France24.


In an exclusive interview with France24, the head of Guinea’s elite army unit confirmed on Sunday that the country’s president, Alpha Conde, had been captured by his forces. “The president is with us, he is in a safe place,” said Lt. Col. Mamadi Domboya.

GuineaMilitary special forces on Sunday. Suddenly staged, Announced that he has been arrested. President of the country, Dissolved the government and rewrote the constitution.

In an exclusive interview with France 24 correspondent Malik Diakita, Domboya said: “The whole army is here, from Nazakori to Conakry, to help rebuild this country.”

He also confirmed that the president has been kept with his people. The president is with us, he is in a safe place. He saw a doctor. No problem.

To view the full interview, please click on the player above.


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