September 28, 2021

“The picture is not the best,” Rafael Nadal advised Novak Djokovic after the Olympics.

Rafael Nadal advised Novak Djokovic to respond better to tensions when Serbia suffered a setback after losing a bronze medal match against Pablo Carino Bosta.

Djokovic was keen to win a gold medal at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics, but lost in the semifinals to Germany and eventually to gold medalist Alexander Zverev. This was followed by another defeat in the bronze medal match against Kerno Busta.

ATP World No. 1 was not his best – in terms of his game and behavior during and after the match. Djokovic threw a racket in the stands after losing a point and then broke another racket in the net pool after his defeat.

To make matters worse, Djokovic then refused to participate in the mixed doubles semifinals, defeating Serbia, leaving his teammate Nina Stojanovic trapped. Serbian Ax cited mental and physical exhaustion after the singles defeat.

Nadal, a former gold medalist in singles and doubles, was at a loss to understand the reaction of an athlete who he considered one of the “best in history.” The Spaniard feels that Djokovic, being a role model for young tennis enthusiasts, knows how to control his emotions.

“Luckily there were no people in the stands and nothing happened, but hey, these are things that happen from time to time,” Nadal said of Djokovic, throwing his racket into the stands. As described on Tennis Head.. “You have to try to avoid them.”

“It’s important to avoid that, especially as a role model for many children. She’s number one in the world and the best in history.” “It’s weird that someone who succeeds reacts like that from time to time, but in the end he’s very competitive and reacts like that.”

Djokovic apologized after the match: “I’m sorry to send that kind of message.” But the Serbs were criticized for their reaction, especially because they did not fit well enough to win a bronze medal in mixed doubles.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.
Rafael Nadal (R) and Novak Djokovic (L) played each other for the 57th time.
Filippo Montefort / AFP

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