September 20, 2021

The owner of Partick’s favorite Thornwood Bar opens a new pub in Glasgow.

Bose, one of the party’s favorite bars, has annoyed its customers with the possibility of opening a new pub in Glasgow.

The owners of Thornwood Bar on Dumbarton Road have revealed that a new set of keys will be given to their second premises in the city today.

The involvement of food, beers and cocktails has been left out, but the owners have kept a tight rein on the location of the new location.

One tweet read: “Everything is going well, a new set of pub keys is being offered today.

“Keep an eye out and everything will come out. the meal, Beer, cocktail. ”

A flood of West End Spot fans responded to the tweet, with one painter hoping the bar would open in Scott Stone.

But, the administration replied: “Sorry man.”

Another customer suggested: “Polakshows Pyrex Pit.”

But Thornewood replied: “Matt, what did we say about privacy?”

We’re on the edge of our seats hoping to see what happens!

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