October 22, 2021

The North Lamar Trustee will adopt a property tax rate. Free.

Trustees of the North Lamar ISD are expected to adopt a 2022 tax rate of $ 1.15 cents per $ 100 at a meeting at the Roy C. Chudok Administration Office, 3130 North Main St., Monday at 6 p.m.

Trustees are also expected to select ETTL engineers and Arlington consultants for hyper-engineering and geotechnical services for bond construction survey projects. According to the agenda notice, trustees are expected to remove the Bond Athletic Facility work from the Contract Manager Risk Delivery Procedure and select the Job Order Agreement as a purchase method through TIPS vendors. Do

The board will receive a transportation update with attendance and enrollment reports and is expected to approve the 2021 board targets. Trustees are to meet in an executive session to consider personal matters, discuss the purchase, exchange, lease or price of real property, and to meet with a lawyer in private consultation.


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