September 17, 2021

The NHS warns the ‘extremely busy’ health board of accidents and emergencies in Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Health Owners have warned members of the public not to go to the accident and emergency departments today unless it is “fatal”.

Hospitals at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) have been “extremely busy” today and those considering attending are asked to call NHS 24 at 111 first. ۔

The departments involved in the accident were particularly busy over the weekend, which led to a decision by the Health Board.

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It is understood that NHS boards across the country are facing similar demands. The medical staff is taking care of the extra patients as well as the providers with the cove.

Instead, the NHSGGC is encouraging the public to call NHS24, attend out-of-hours GP service or one of the minor injury units on board.

A statement from the NHSGGC said: “At the national level, we are seeing a significant demand for health services, including emergency departments and recipient units, which is increasing the number of patients. Looking at the numbers.

“This means that our medical staff is very busy caring for these additional patients as well as those presenting with COVID while at the same time maintaining better infection control precautions for all.”

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“The weekend was especially busy for our EDs and that’s why we made another appeal to the people to consider whether their situation is really such that the ED should deal with minor injury units.

“According to all health boards. Scotland, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have implemented the Right Care, Right Place Model of Care, which means that anyone who thinks he or a loved one needs emergency treatment has access to the right care. You should call NHS 24 at 111.

“Just call 999, or go to the emergency department if you think the condition is fatal.

“GP practitioners see patients face-to-face through telephone and video counseling. Face-to-face meetings are provided where medically necessary. Patients who speak to their GP or another member of the practice team. They should continue. Contact the exercise directly. ”

“Outside of normal practice opening hours, if patients feel they need to see a GP and can’t wait until practice opens again, they should call 111 on NHS24 for advice and further action.

Readers can find a list of minor injury units. Here And hours of GP surgeries. Here.

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