September 20, 2021

The new Real Madrid player has revealed why he refused to wear the club legend’s number.

There is no doubt that Austrian center-back David Alaba has established himself as an international superstar. Very few players can compete for his trophy at club level with Bayern Munich, but since moving to Real Madrid, he says he does not want to be compared to club legend Sergio Ramos.

Alaba was expected to wear the former captain’s No. 4 jersey when the latter announced his departure this summer. However, until Ramos eventually moved to France to join Paris Saint-Germain, Alaba initially decided to take the score despite the club’s encouragement. However, due to La Liga Santander’s rules on limited shirt numbers, he had no choice.

“The number 27 I wore in Bayern Munich is not allowed in La Liga and the club wanted me to wear number 4,” Albab said in an interview. Sport blood. He added: “Sergio Ramos is a complete legend. His performances on and off the pitch made him a role model.

La Liga only allows jerseys up to 25, and with most of the other numbers already taken, Alba came under pressure. Ramos dropped a large number of shoes to fill, but Austria is confident.

He signed a deal with Real Madrid in January before a deal was finally struck before his contract with Bayern Munich expired in June. He is happy to work under manager Carlo Ancelotti, who was in charge of Bayern Munich in 2016/17.

“As a person he is very honest, and as a coach he has incredible experience. The first day Carlo welcomed me in German, so there is still some time left in Germany. But then we Spoke in English, “Alaba said.

He also said that former Bayern Munich star Tony Cruz helped him adjust to his new life as a Real Madrid player.

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June 3, 2017: Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos poses during a ceremony at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium as the team wins the Champions League final against Juventus.
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