September 22, 2021

The new program encourages Ersine veterans to ride their bikes.

A new program is encouraging veterans to ride their motorcycles to improve their mental state. Health And fitness.

Commonwheel, a charity of Erscan Veterans and a Glasgow-based mental health charity, is working together to provide the ‘Build Your Own Motorcycle’ project, courtesy of the Armed Forces Convent Fund Trust. 000 is a donation of 35,000.

Over the coming year, 20 veterans will complete the course, which is designed to accommodate all abilities and skill levels.

Participants will work with Common Wheel Bike Engineers at Marie Heel to design, build and maintain their own custom bikes.

Through the program, Commonwheel aims to improve mental health, enhance skills, and reduce loneliness, a common ethic of Erskine’s Reid Macewen Activities Center.

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Glasgow Times: Veteran Alan Kennedy participates in the 'Build Your Bike' project. [Image: Erskine]Veteran Alan Kennedy participated in the ‘Build Your Bike’ project. [Image: Erskine]

John Stone’s veteran, Alan Kennedy of the Royal Army’s 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots, regularly visits Erscan’s activity center.

He said: “I really enjoyed” building my bike course “, I also promised that I would use the bike regularly and went on it the next day when I got home and I He did it a little bit, but I’ve recovered and I’m hoping to get out on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. ”

Neil McDonald oversees my Hill Workshop at the Common Whale and works with project participants.
Glasgow Times: Instructors Neil McDonald and John McAndrew. [Image: Erskine]Instructors Neil McDonald and John McAndrew. [Image: Erskine]

He said: “It was a pleasure to work with Erskine in this class. The experimenters thought it was great to work. The course is designed to improve the mental health of the participants. This is the work that most people do. Never, so everyone is starting from one place.

“It’s very practical and hands-on, so no one has to write things. Every week we make changes to the real thing, so people see that they’re making progress.

“Most of the jobs we do on motorcycles are reversible, so there’s less worry about making mistakes. Finally you have a complete motorcycle that you can take and use.

“I find it easy to teach ex-service people. They have been trained once so that they can be retrained. They are good at the mobility required to use the tools.

“The veterans of this course did a great job. They were all ready to get stuck and get their hands dirty.”

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Debbie Dixon, manager of the Airbnb Red McQueen Activities Center, added: “Build your own bike ‘project complements the delivery of our meaningful activities and expands the network of expert partners working in support of our veterans. ۔

“We are very excited that these courses are now running, as this concept proved very popular during our consultation with the members.”

Sonia Howe, policy director of the Armed Forces Contract Fund Trust, said: “This project demonstrates the ethics of our Positive Path program.

“The veterans involved will learn new skills and get out and work on a project that will mean something to them and as a result they will use and enjoy something, knowing that they Made the motorcycle himself.

“We want Erscan and the veterans to do well with these exciting workshops.”

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