September 25, 2021

The new Jaffa cake hit the tasty coffee ladle shelf.

Never mind the never-ending debate over whether it should be classified as a biscuit or a cake.

Benz Coffee has created a Jaffa Cake flavored instant coffee, perfect for those who can’t get enough chocolate and orange flavor.

Glasgow Times:

Now available at Liddell stores across the country, this low-calorie and sugar-free coffee is priced at just 1. 99.99 and has been described as a ‘sweet, drinkable treat’ that adds tangy orange to smooth chocolate flavors and Combines with sweet sponge notes.

The new range also includes Irish cream, caramel popcorn and other sweet-flavored flavors such as white chocolate and raspberries, which will surely appeal to any sweet tooth.

Glasgow Times:

If you are struggling to make a choice then you are in luck as you can buy different packages including all the above flavors for only £ 1.99.

We know what to buy in the last months of summer to jazz up our iced lettuce.

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