September 18, 2021

The Netherlands is the latest

To be right

Sir Alex Ferguson insisted he used gut feeling to decide if players like Cristiano Ronaldo would be the right type for Manchester United.

When asked what influenced his decision to select a player, Ferguson insisted he trusted his instincts.

The former Red Devils owner told United’s website: “I believe in instinct.

“I had a good passion for the players and I had a good passion for watching the players that I probably wanted to buy.

“I knew, looking at some of the players, I could see traits that told me they were Manchester United players, or Aberdeen players, or St. Mariners.

“I saw it in some of the players. I had a hard time

“We are playing some teams and I will have an instinct: ‘Well, I will not play some players. I will play other players.’

“I’m not saying it’s intuitive, I’m saying it’s instinct.”

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