September 21, 2021

The mutilated body parts of a pregnant woman were found buried in a field, accusing the husband of murder

In a shocking incident, the mutilated body of a pregnant woman was buried in a field in India. Following the discovery, the victim’s family alleges that she was killed by her husband and in-laws in a dowry case.

The woman’s father, identified as Arvind Singh, lodged a police complaint against his daughter’s husband and five others in Bihar for the heinous murder. However, no arrests have been made in the case so far. News 18 Reported on Thursday.

The victim was identified as Kajal, who married Sanjeet Kumar on June 27, 2020, and was expecting her first child. Singh claimed that his son-in-law had demanded more than Rs 5,000 as dowry even after marriage, adding that he had given the family ڈالر 1,000 in February. Singh said, however, that his child died out of greed for money.

The crime came to light when Kajal’s in-laws reported his father missing from his home in Nonia Begha village. When Singh’s daughter’s number was inaccessible, Singh became suspicious. He lodged a missing person report with the police, after which a search for the pregnant woman was launched.

During the interrogation, a body with mutilated parts was found buried in a field. Police also learned that those responsible for his death had tried to burn him. Later, police confirmed that the body parts belonged to a missing pregnant woman.

A case has been registered against Kumar and four members of his family for murder, dowry and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. The incident is under investigation. It is not yet clear when Kajal was killed.

Taking or giving dowry has long been prohibited under certain Indian laws, including the Prohibition of Dowry Act, 1961. Nevertheless, many people – especially in rural areas – still follow this process. Many women are dying in the country due to the old system.

The National Crime Bureau of India recently recorded about 7,000 dowry-related deaths a year during 2017. Dowry harassment kills at least 20 women every day, the report said.

Police line
Crime Scene Police Line | Image courtesy: Getty Images / Scott Olson

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