September 20, 2021

The mother asks her 16-year-old daughter to pay the rent, but when the teenager refuses, she is called the worst mother in the world.

A mother has revealed that she has asked her 16-year-old daughter to help her by paying rent, but her daughter has flatly refused.

Posting on a Mumsnet At the forum, the mother explained that her daughter was turning 17 at the end of October and had started an apprenticeship in early summer, paying .5 14.5k a year.

A mother has asked her working daughter to help financially.


A mother has asked her working daughter to help financially.Credit: Getty

Her daughter has no financial responsibility except that she buys lunch for herself every day, which the busy mother says she doesn’t need to do because there is food at home.

“I asked him to pay گھر 50 a week at home,” he explained.

“For this, she will provide all the food, do the washing, all the hot water she can use, lift wherever she wants, whenever she wants, one lift for work every day (we No more bus routes) and other normal things.

“Well, she made me feel like the worst mom in the world to ask.
I have explained that we have lost the benefit of her child, and I expect that her father will also stop paying for the care (not that it makes much difference to 17 a week). . Increased. “

The mother has asked the 16-year-old girl to pay her phone bill after bringing a brand new iPhone X in July on the grounds that she will pay the bill.

He added: “We don’t have any money yet, but it’s linked to our BT account so if we don’t pay it, we damage our credit rating.

“The board I asked for will be placed directly next to his driving lessons.

“I have already bought her a temporary driver’s license and she is waiting for a car when she will pass her exam.”

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Although the poster originally thought her requests were appropriate, her daughter’s response suggests otherwise.

She posted on the forum in search of guidance, asking others if it was unreasonable and what they would do if their child decided not to pay.

People were quick to comment, with many supporting Mother’s decision.

“You’re not going to be irrational at all! A 16-year-old needs to pay around Rs 15,000 a year – even a nominal gesture. She can save the rest, which can save her financially. It will take you to a very good position, “said one person

“And if she ‘decides’ not to pay, she can ‘decide’ to rent her place.”

Someone else added: “When I read the title of the thread I thought it meant a little bit, however, I changed my mind and thought you were spoiling it a little bit. I lifted, Driving lessons and phone and let him arrange and pay for these things himself. “

Someone else said that if the daughter is not ready to pay, there are many things that a mother can do.

He explained: “If she doesn’t pay, don’t cook for her, don’t allow her access to laundry detergent, etc. Of course, nothing for her, lifts, laundry, etc.”

“If she doesn’t want to pay for her luxuries and admits that you are very generous, she can pay for everything.”

Despite the overwhelming support in the comments, there were others who disagreed with the original post.

“Of course you’re irrational. You’re asking a 16-year-old. child Paying to live in their own home, “said one person.

“You shouldn’t have kids you can’t afford.”

Another person added: “Life is really hard for young people and buying a house or just living is more difficult than ever so it would be great for them to save some money.”

The woman said her daughter did not help with the work.


The woman said her daughter did not help with the work.Credit: Getty

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