The ‘Most Tattooed Biker in the World’ is so ugly that the cops ordered him to cover himself in makeup.

The leader of the BIKER gang, covered from head to toe in horrific tattoos, was ordered to cover up his extensive tattoos with makeup.

Dane Brajkovic of the Western Australian chapter of the infamous Hells Angels has broken a tough new law on displaying violent gang symbols.


Dane Brajkovic was recently kicked out of his own gang in Perth after a reported altercation with fellow members of the Hells Angel gang.1 credit
Dane Has The Words


Dane has the words “Hell’s Angels” tattooed on his forehead and “1%er” on his neck.Credit: 7 News

The new law bans the wearing of clothing, tattoos, insignia or stickers associated with 46 biker clubs, including the Hells Angels, Coffin Cheaters, Bandidos and Gypsy Jokers.

Dane has the words “Hell’s Angels” tattooed on his forehead and “1%er” on his neck, which is believed to signal that a club member has committed acts of violence on behalf of the club.

Washington State Police Acting Commissioner Colonel Blanch said heavily tattooed bikers like Dane may have to cover up to keep from breaking the law.

“I would start with things like band-aids or cosmetics, or they would need to be removed, or alternatively people could choose not to live in Western Australia if this legislation were passed,” Commander Blanch told 6PR, citing to Dane.

Tattoo bans are just one of Brajkovic’s latest troubles.

Hell’s Angel was recently kicked out of his own gang in Perth after reporting an altercation with other gang members.

The fight broke out after the 42-year-old challenged the other Hells Angels for partying with bikers from rival gangs, according to The West Australian.

Members of the Angels club are believed to have attended the Rebels biker’s birthday party and were seen with members of the Gypsy Jokers at a separate event.

Dane was reportedly beaten in a fight over inter-gang mixing, which resulted in him being expelled from his own club last week.

The ferocious biker last made headlines after he was convicted of assaulting Rebels biker boss Nick Martin during a bar fight on November 24, 2020, two weeks before Martin was gunned down at the Perth Motorplex on Kwinana Beach.

Dane was fined $800 for the incident.

On March 2 last year, Dane’s home on Sedgeland Way, Ascot, was also driven by a car several times.

Commenting on the tough new tattoo laws, Washington State Attorney General John Quigley said, “These organizations and their patches are designed to connect with crime and intimidate others, including the law-abiding citizens of our community. This will stop as soon as these laws come into force.”

“These laws represent the toughest and most comprehensive organized crime reforms in any of the states and territories of Australia.”

Other bikers expressed dissatisfaction with the law, which prohibits the public display of gang tattoos.

Last year, heavily tattooed biker Chris “Ballistic” Orchard compared the law to “Nazi Germany.”

“Just like right now we (are) in North Korea (or) Nazi Germany, whatever you want to call it, there is no more freedom, anyone who thinks this shit is right, you are wrong.” – Orchard, member of Coffin Cheaters. Gang,” wrote on Facebook.

Law Bans Symbols Linked To 46 Biker Gangs


Law Bans Symbols Linked To 46 Biker GangsCredit: Environmental Protection Agency
Biker Chris


Biker Chris “Ballistic” Orchard compared the law to North Korea or Nazi Germany.Credit: Facebook

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