The moment when the police break into the apartment where the skeletal remains of a 61-year-old woman lay dead for two years and caused the smell of “rotting meat”

At THIS moment, the police broke into the apartment where the remains of a woman had been lying for more than two years.

At least three officers were filmed entering Sheila Seleoan’s apartment after neighbors complained more than 50 times about the smell of rotting meat.


The police filmed the entry into the woman’s apartment, where her remains lay for two years.1 credit
The Decomposed Body Of Sheila Seleoan Was Found After Neighbors Complained About The Smell


The decomposed body of Sheila Seleoan was found after neighbors complained about the smell1 credit
Medical Examiners At The Scene In Peckham, South London.


Medical examiners at the scene in Peckham, South London.1 credit
Flowers Left At The Door


Flowers left at the door1 credit

Sheila, 61, was found on Friday. She is said to be thousands of dollars in rent owed and her mailbox in Peckham, South London was full.

According to neighbors, flies were also heard buzzing in her apartment and they were seen flying under the door, and larvae started up in other apartments.

But the housing association allegedly told them that the smell was due to a sewage problem, that no one would come to sort out the lockdown, and even that the woman had been taken out of the apartment.

Harriet Harman, MP for Camberwell and Peckham, told MailOnline: “This is absolutely appalling, this should not happen. It’s terrible for this woman, her family, and the people who live on this block.”

She demanded an explanation from the Peabody Housing Association and called the response unsatisfactory.

She added, “Looks like this woman had rent arrears. She didn’t pay it, but Peabody got it from her benefits.

“We have to sort this out. It’s not something that should be considered normal.”

Neighbor Ayesha Smith claims she contacted the housing association at least 50 times, but nothing was done.

She told MyLondon: “The police came with a battering ram. It was so scary when they entered. My son said he was cold.

“They took some of her things. Her bag and her coat, and left them outside the door, and there were pink party balloons that were tied up, but all the air came out of them.

Ms Smith said the 20-unit house was rented out whenever they complained, adding: “They just didn’t seem to care.

“What happened is terrible. All of us tenants have reported this over and over again, but we have not been listened to.”

Another woman said that every day, when she comes home, she finds up to 50 dead flies in her apartment.

And Corrina White, 33, said her son was playing knockdown ginger in the hallway when he saw flies flying from under Ms. Seleoan’s door.

Another girl said, “This is disgusting. I returned from an overseas trip in October 2019 when I noticed a terrible stench in the building.

“It was so bad that I had to put a towel under the door.”

Neighbors became increasingly worried as her mail began to pile up, and in 2020, a forced entry notice was posted on her door for a routine gas test.

The neighbor added: “We called the housing association repeatedly because it was weird.

“The police came but they said a lot of people had left London during the pandemic and she could have been abroad.”

Soon a bicycle was thrown in front of her door, and again the neighbors complained that it had not been removed.

The Metropolitan Police said: “There were concerns about the welfare of the woman who lived at this address.

“The police arrived and got inside. The body of a 61-year-old woman was found inside and died.

“The death of a woman is seen as unexplained, but not suspicious.

“The dossier will be prepared for the coroner.”

The Woman'S Mailbox Piled Up


The woman’s mailbox piled up1 credit
The Bike Was Left Untouched Outside Her Door


The bike was left untouched outside her door1 credit

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