September 19, 2021

The missing cat was found four months after traveling 130 miles in a builder’s van.

A CAT that went missing months ago when it installed a lift in a builder’s van 130 miles away.

Dexter, 3, is thought to have crashed into a van near his home.

Dexter was found 130 miles from his home.


Dexter was found 130 miles from his home.Credit: SWNS

After his disappearance in May, his owner, Joe Walker, 43, and his family were most frightened when they found no trace of Dexter despite an extensive search.

But Joe’s husband, Mark, 45, was stunned when he received a call from a doctor that Dexter had been found safe and well near Endor, Hunts.

Picking it up meant a six-hour round trip from his home in Villanhall, West Holland.

Dexter is believed to have boarded the van, which later stopped at a service station on the M6, from which the cat escaped.

He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention.

Her driver found Dexter as soon as he got home and took him to a doctor for a microchip check.

Joe, the mother of eight-year-old Ashleigh, said: “He went missing in early May.

“We posted things on the neighborhood and on social media and didn’t hear anything until the doctor called to say that his microchip had been detected. It was a bit of a shock because he was 130 miles away.

“When Ashley heard the call saying she was found, she cried for about ten minutes.

“We were a little worried about how he got there, but it was great to know he was fine.

“She looked amazing and was in really good shape. She looks the same old cat.

Dexter is now safe at home with his family.


Dexter is now safe at home with his family.Credit: SWNS
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