October 20, 2021

The ministers have promised that gas supply will not be cut off if dozens of small energy companies go bankrupt.

The ministers will ensure that gas supply is not cut off if dozens of small energy firms go bankrupt.

They are making “emergency plans” if big companies can’t get customers.

Post-epidemic demand has pushed up gas supply prices.


Post-epidemic demand has pushed up gas supply prices.
Business Secretary Kosi Quarting met with industry leaders to try to overcome the gas price crisis.


Business Secretary Kosi Quarting met with industry leaders to try to overcome the gas price crisis.

Business Secretary Kosi Quarting met yesterday with energy industry leaders to address the crisis caused by rising gas prices.

Rising prices, in the wake of epidemics, have forced the closure of carbon dioxide (CO2) processing plants – and at least four small energy firms have collapsed.

Mr Quarting said his “priority was consumer safety”.

He tweeted: “If last resort is not possible, a special administrator will be appointed by AFJIM and the government. The aim is to continue to supply customers.

He will hold more meetings with industry figures today, but insiders say the UK is not in danger of running out of supplies.

Big energy companies like Avon have called on ministers to scrap green levies to ease pressure on the industry.

Yesterday, when asked if this was possible through the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Cabinet Minister Alok Sharma said: “Let’s see where we are.”

Last night, Downing Street insiders said there were no plans to lift the energy price cap to resolve the crisis.

Over the weekend, some meat firms said Christmas dinners could be closed due to the crisis.

There are also concerns about flat paints because CO2 is used to phase out drinks.

Okado, meanwhile, said it was unable to supply frozen items due to a lack of dry ice produced by CO2.

Q&A: Winter Warning

Why is gas so expensive?
Global demand has led to a 75% increase in wholesale gas prices this year as the world emerges from an epidemic and countries compete for reserves.

Will Britain run out of gas?
No, the ministers insist that the nation has a lot of reserves, most of our supplies come from the North Sea and from Norway through the pipelines under the sea.

How does it affect food and beverages?
High gas prices shut down two fertilizer factories. They produced CO2, which was supplied to meat processors and brewers. The country’s CO2 supply is expected to run out in weeks.

What is the government doing about it?
Business Secretary Kosi Quarting is in meetings to address any shortcomings.
Some green taxes may be temporarily abolished to help energy suppliers.

Will it affect my bills?
The price of energy is rising. Cheaper rates can exit the market.

Business Secretary Kosi Quarting criticized the government on how to pay for the removal of the gas boiler.

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