September 20, 2021

The military junta began discussing Guinea’s future, vowing to avoid the mistakes of the past


Guinea’s longtime opposition leaders on Tuesday voiced support for the country’s new military rulers as the four-day summit begins, aimed at examining the future of the West African nation after the uprising just a week ago.

However, pressure on the colonel is expected to increase this week. Mamadi Domboya. Setting a time frame for new elections. The regional mediator and the international community are calling on the people to hand over power to a civilian-led interim government.

Opposition leaders, who arrived at the People’s Palace for a meeting on Tuesday, strongly opposed the coup and publicly criticized the ousted president. Alpha Corner.. The 83-year-old leader was detained by the junta during the September 5 uprising and his exact whereabouts have not been revealed.

Konde has sparked violent protests in the streets since holding a constitutional referendum last year, saying he was allowed to extend his rule for a third term.

Usman Kaaba, leader of the opposition Party of Democrats for Hope, said Konde also called the attempt to stay in power beyond his mandate a coup.

“It was not legal, so we staged a military coup to prevent an institutional, constitutional coup,” he told reporters on Tuesday. . ”

GuineaThe most prominent opposition figure, Cello Delaney Diallo, has already spoken out against Kande, calling him a dictator who led to his own downfall. Diallo, who has lost to the ousted leader in the last three presidential elections, has indicated that he intends to run in the next election.

But the opposition’s call for support and impunity cannot affect the West African regional bloc, called ECOWAS. It has already threatened economic sanctions on Guinea unless the people release the ousted president immediately.

The group took a similar step in August 2020 when it imposed sanctions on neighboring Mali after troops overthrew a longtime president who had become increasingly unpopular. Regional mediators demanded a one-year deadline for new elections in Mali, but later acknowledged the junta leaders and accepted an 18-month time frame instead.

Even as February 2022 approaches, it is now in doubt, since the Colonel. Asimi Goeta effectively staged a second coup in Mali, first ousting the civilian president and prime minister and later declaring himself a transitional president.

In the case of Mali, the junta ousted a president who came to power through democratic elections backed by the international community and did not seek to change the country’s term.

The former Guinean leader, however, had lost credibility with many in Kanakri after winning a third term in October. It appears to have silenced the public outcry so far in the Guinean capital, where opposition figures said on Tuesday they were hopeful of what would come in the coming days.

Sadia Toure, leader of the Union of Republican Forces, said the situation had improved since the military took over. He reminded me how the security forces tried to kidnap me at his house.

“We can see it all over the city of Conakry, a change in the army and the police,” he said. I think we are on the right track right now.



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