October 25, 2021

The man accused of killing Patricia Henry calls her a ‘golden heart’

A man has refused to dispose of the murdered and missing mother’s body, which he called a “golden heart”.

George Metcalfe, 71, allegedly killed Patricia Henry, 46, of Patti, on November 13, 2017, in a flat in Gerwan, Ayrshire.

Metcalfe testified in the High Court in Glasgow today and told the judges that Patty would not be alive in all likelihood.

The former assistant manager, a tire specialist, claimed that he was not involved in the disappearance, although this was the last time he had been charged with murder.

Prosecutors claim that Metcalfe attacked the strip “in an unknown way.”

Metcalfe is also accused of trying to defeat the extremists of justice between the day of the alleged murder and February 22, 2018.

It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

The indictment includes several other charges, including Patti’s rape and two other women.

Defending Iain McSporran QC asked Metcalfe, who was giving evidence: “As far as you know, where is Patricia Henry?”

Metcalfe replied: “I don’t really know.”

“As far as you know, is she dead?” Said Mr McSporn.

Metcalfe replied: “No.”

Mr McSporn asked: “Do you think he’s alive?”

“I’m not sure how things are going,” Metcalfe said.

Mr McSporn asked: “Is it appropriate to look for evidence in the extensive police investigation that he does not appear to be alive?”

Metcalfe replied: Yes.

Mr McSporn said: “Do you have anything to do with his disappearance or death?”

Metcalfe replied: “No.”

Metcalfe said he had consensual sex with Patti four times in 2010 and 2011 when she lived on top of his flat.

He denied having sex.

Metcalfe claimed he was unaware that the strip had been in Green Canary for several months before she returned to the area.

He said Patty would come to see him and he denied that he had abused or argued with her.

It was alleged to Metcalfe that Petty had accused him of rape in front of several witnesses.

Mr McSporn asked: “Did you abuse her?”

Metcalfe replied: “No.”

Metcalfe further denied allegations made during the trial that Petty touched or strangled him or overpowered him.

Mr McSporn asked why Patty would say anything serious about it.

Metcalfe replied: “She had a tongue when she was drinking, when she was calm, she had a golden heart.”

Patti later went with him during a neighbor’s argument, Metcalfe said.

She alleges that Patty broke down in her presence and told him she wanted to go abroad and “never come back”.

Metcalfe claimed he helped move the strip to Gron because his cats and dogs were not walking.

He said he became his guarantor and paid 700 700 to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent, which he is sure will be refunded with Patty’s benefits.

Metcalfe said he rented a van to do two filthies for Patty but did not have a flat key.

Metcalfe claimed that the last time he saw the strip was on November 13 – the day he was charged with murder.

He stated that he went to her flat to tell her that a cooker was about to be delivered over the weekend.

Metcalfe said he was also told to go to work for her and take money from her bank to return it.

Mr McSporn asked if he had ever seen Patty again since that day.

He replied: “No.”

Mr McSpuran said: “Did you make further contact?”

“I think I tried to call him on Tuesday night,” Metcalfe said, adding that he was unable to contact her.

Metcalfe alleged that he rented an old bed two days later to be taken to the dump, but there was no response from knocking on Petty’s door.

He said he put the bed in the dump the next day.

Metcalfe denied Mr McSporn’s suggestion that he had used the van to dislodge Patty’s body, saying it was a “trick or trick”.

Metcalfe said he went on more visits to Petty’s flat but there was no sign of him, some of his clothes or passport.

He claimed that a key kit had been found for the flat so that a cooker could be installed.

Mr. McSporn asked if he had any concerns about Patty at the moment.

He replied: “I thought he was a runner.”

Metcalfe said he returned in February 2018 to do wall wallpaper on the flat before handing over the keys to the landlord when he left the lease.

Mr. McSporn asked: “On November 13, 2018, did something catastrophic happen between you and Patty that led you to somehow kill her?”

Metcalfe replied: “No.”

Metcalfe had previously denied allegations that he had raped and physically assaulted two other women.

He claimed that he only knew about the alleged crimes when they were charged.

The trial is under way before Judge Lord Armstrong.

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