September 18, 2021

The lovely woman, 25, died suddenly a few hours after she developed a ‘severe headache’

A very lovely woman died suddenly a few hours after giving birth to a “severe headache”.

“Healthy” Gaia Young, 25, cycled in the sun one day before suddenly falling ill and being taken to a hospital in Easton, north London.

Gaia Young, 25, was rushed to hospital and died suddenly after suffering a severe headache.


Gaia Young, 25, was rushed to hospital and died suddenly after suffering a severe headache.Credit: gofundme

He was taken to University College London Hospital – and was pronounced brain dead a few hours later.

Her friends were upset when she didn’t attend the birthday party – and they knew there was something wrong and no home when they went to her house.

The 25-year-old girl was placed on a ventilator in the ICU, but she did not regain consciousness and died tragically on July 21.

During the Corona virus lockdown, Gaia volunteered for the Slington Cove 19 Task Force – and helped people who were displaced as well as rescued.

And three days before her death, she donated her nine-inch hair to the charity Little Princess Trust – which makes wigs for cancer patients.

Paying tribute to the 25-year-old girl, her friends wrote: “Anyone who is happy to know Gaia will always remember her kindness, intelligence, creativity, free will and her bravery.

“Our grief over his death is greater than words.

“The cause of death is not yet known, but it has been a great shock to all of us, given how young, healthy and full of life she was.”

After returning from an initial autopsy, the hospital began investigating Gaia’s death.

Gaia graduated from the University of Bristol where she studied history, first working in a hotel in Austria and then for a tech startup.

She volunteered in Nepal, built schools for girls, and donated her salary to various charities, including the Shelter and Refugee Council.

Addressing Islington TributeHer mother, Dort Young, said: “It’s very sad. Gaia was an incredibly sociable and busy young man.

“His death is unknown at this time and the first autopsy was inconclusive. It happened so quickly.

Tragic shock

“Investigations into her care have been launched and I hope I get answers.”

Gaia’s life was celebrated Monday at Hackney City Farm – where she held pottery classes with her mother after her father’s death.

One of Gaia’s school friends is 25-year-old Bassio Igbitoi. Set up a fundraiser 15,000 is to be collected in his memory and for the reasons that help him.

He added: “Most people are focused on their work, and that’s it, but they had their own art and crafts, dance, painting and photography.

“He was a good man at heart.

“Her death has opened up and discovered how much she has done for others. She was helpless and didn’t cry about it.”

Another friend, Emily, said Gaia has “one of the brightest personalities I’ve ever met.”

‘Expensive lost’

She added: “She was really unique, and she will be very much remembered in our group of friends.”

Gaia’s friends helped organize the memorial – there was a craft table where mourners could make their own memoirs of Gaia’s life.

A UCLH spokesperson said: “Our deepest sympathies are with the loved ones of Gaia in this very sad and difficult time.

“We are in contact with his family and are examining the circumstances that led to his death.”

You can contribute to Gaia’s fundraiser. Here

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