September 20, 2021

The long-lost siblings met for the first time in search of the missing Paisley father.

They are two people who spent years trying to find their long-lost father but had no idea of ​​each other’s existence.

It was then that an opportunity arose and the help of our sister’s title kept the siblings in touch for the first time. Mike Inkster, 74, met his half-sister, Helen Brown, shortly after which she pleaded with The Gazette to find her “real father.” World Veterans of the War from Renfrewshire.

For almost two years, the search for answers seemed to have reached another tipping point until Helen, 77, discovered the piece. After a fresh twist and DNA testing, it was discovered that the two shared the same mysterious father.

John Lorimer, born in Paisley in 1923, married Helen’s mother, Sabina Sedgwick, in 1944, but the relationship was short-lived, and it was not until 1947 that he was thought to be petitioning Mike’s mother, Mary. Disappeared again.

Both Mike and Helen have spent years tracking John’s movements in hopes of meeting their real father, but now they are happy to meet for the first time in a derby home.

Helen, a former school teacher and mother of an adult son, said: “We are both very grateful to have the opportunity to meet.

Glasgow Times: Marie Miller back in the 1940s with John Lorimer and Mike IncsterMarie Miller back in the 1940s with John Lorimer and Mike Incster

“I just couldn’t ask for a better brother than Mike. When he first came in we just looked at each other and then before I knew it we were hugging. It was amazing. He was such a wonderful person. We only regret that we forgot to take a picture together!

John, a World War II veteran, is thought to have been pursued by Peter Miller, Mary’s father. Fashion Empire and match not approved in Kirkcaldy. Mary later married another man who adopted Mike and they spent many happy years together.

John is thought to have flown for several airlines in the 1950s – including Air Lings – but the trail cooled around 1958.

Although both agree that he may have passed away – he must have been around 98 – they still hope and say that the descendants of Lorimers have lived in Paisley for years.

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“It’s really weird and it doesn’t feel real,” said Mike, who lives in Canterbury. “I always knew there would be others, but it’s still amazing.

“My colleague is saying that he can already see the similarities between us. We know he may die but there is still a chance. It only takes one person to read and reach him.

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