September 18, 2021

The largest production ever in the history of the siege of Carrickfergus took place on a bank holiday.

Carrick Ferguson’s participants were supported by colleagues from the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and England as they revived a historic event 300 years ago.

The competition took place in the background of Carrick Ferguson Castle and included a parade to meet King William.

Spectators saw Carrickfergis Castle under siege against the Jacobite Irish Commanding Forces, led by the Duke of Schumberg, in 1689, almost a year before the arrival of King William.

Castle Green is doing a show for onlookers.

The mayor of the Mid and East Interim Borough Council, Councilor William McKaghi, was invited to fire the first cannon.

In addition to live artillery and musket fire, residents and visitors were able to visit military tents.

The action was complemented by the first appearance of the North Coast and Glens Artisan Market, a pop-up cinema, CWA brass, bird hunting and children’s attractions.

The re-imposition of the siege was arranged by the Council, which is hosting a program of celebrations under the NI 100 umbrella to mark the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland in 2021. See for the centenary celebrations in Borough.

Siege of the fort during Monday’s re-enactment.

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King William C. landed in Carrickfergus with the help of cadets.
King William was greeted on the beach at Carrickfergus Harbor on Monday.
Mid and East Antrim Mayor Keller William McKagi fired the first cannon.
Spectators watching the siege of Carrick Fergus on Monday.
Sir Henry Inglesby’s Fife and Drum Corporation are tied.
Members of the public gathered at Castle Green to enjoy the spectacle.

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