October 17, 2021

The Kremlin Pro Party seems ready to retain a majority in Russia’s parliament.


Russia’s dominant Kremlin-backed party appears ready to retain a two-thirds majority in parliament that would allow it to change its constitution, with results from 85 percent of the country’s polling stations revealed Monday morning.

Tea Election Is widely seen as an important part of Russian President Vladimir Putin.Efforts to strengthen their grip on power ahead of the 2024 presidential election State Duma, Or Parliament, will be key.

According to the Central Election Commission, the results of about 85 per cent of the country’s polling stations gave 49.7 per cent votes to the ruling United Russia party for 225 seats, according to party lists. A further 225 lawmakers will be selected by individual race, and Monday morning’s results showed United Russia’s candidates leading in 195 of the only constituencies.

Andrei Torchuk, a senior United Russia official, suggested on Monday that the party would win 315 of the 450 seats.

The results showed three other parties that almost always support Putin’s return to the State Duma, as well as the New People’s Party, which was formed last year, and many see it as a Kremlin-sponsored plan.

Some opposition candidates have been allowed to run for parliament this year, following widespread crackdowns by Russian authorities. The Kremlin. Critics

The organizations are affiliated with the imprisoned opposition leader. Alexei Navalny He has been declared an extremist, and anyone associated with him has been barred from holding public office by a new law. Other prominent opposition politicians faced legal action or were forced to flee the country under pressure from the authorities.

Voting has also been affected by numerous reports of irregularities, including ballot stuffing, with some Kremlin critics saying the number of violations was as high as in 2011, when reports of widespread rigging in the parliamentary election sparked anti-government and anti-Putin protests. Protest



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