October 17, 2021

The Italian name of Princess Beatrice’s daughter is also a tribute to Sarah Ferguson.

The newborn daughter of Princess Beatrice and her husband, Eduardo Mapelli Mozi, has been named Cena to honor her father’s Italian heritage, but the name is also associated with her mother’s family.

The royal tomb is named after the elder Elizabeth Maple Mozi, another tribute to Beatrice’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. A friend of Princess Beatrice has now revealed. Hello! The magazine is named after the baby’s grandmother, Sarah Ferguson, as well as her first name.

The family friend said that Beatrice wanted to choose a name starting with S, the first letter that was her mother’s name. In addition, Siana “reflects the golden rusty color of the Duchess’s hair, which the new baby shares.”

The Princess of York announced the new name on Friday with a picture of her baby’s footprints. “We are delighted to announce that we have named our daughter Cena Elizabeth Maple Mozi. We are all doing well and Wolfe (Eduardo’s son of former partner Dara Huang) is Cena’s best older brother,” he wrote. Is.”

Happy Father shared the same photo on Instagram and wrote, “Cena Elizabeth Maple Mozi. Our life has started together, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that await us. A lot for me. More love and gratitude Amazing wife, baby Cena and Wolfe. These are the days I will never forget. This week, a friend told me the sweetest thing … that with every baby you absolutely Create a new heart.

The Queen’s 12th grandson, Siana, is currently ranked 11th in the line of succession to the British throne. Although her mother is a princess, she will not receive royal titles or royal honors because only the king’s grandchildren are automatically entitled to style through the man.

This means that she will only be known in the royal court as Miss Maple Mozi. She also belongs to an elite family from her father, as her grandfather Alessandro “Alex” Maple-Mozi is a count. However, the title is no longer officially recognized in Italy or the United Kingdom, and is used only as a “courtesy”.

Princess Beatrice and Mozi secretly married.
Princess Beatrice and Eduardo Mapeli Mozi chose the least important and amazing wedding on Friday, July 17.
David M. Bennett / David Bennett / Getty Images

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