October 17, 2021

The Istanbul Street Dog rides on public transportation like a pro.

Public transportation can be difficult at first. When you are switching trains and memorizing stops for a while, it becomes second nature.

That’s what happened to Boston, a street dog in Istanbul. Anatolian Shepherd Mix takes public transport to his hometown every day, visiting all corners of Istanbul.


In Turkey, boji refers to the middle part of the train, where the child prefers to ride. Boogie has even become famous for its Street Smart. He lives on the railways, but he likes the city of the people.

Boogie visits the system expertly.

The green tag on Boji’s ear indicates that he is F.C.Generally registered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The tag gives them the ability to track his movements, and also indicates that he has received the vaccine and has been neutralized. Some people may shrink at the sight of a big dog, but this cute traveler is sweet and gentle.


According to Boji’s tour records, the dog visits at least 29 metro stations daily. His microchip has also been tracked at sea in Princes Island, where Boji may have traveled for a few days. Gypsies board trains, buses and ferries.

Eileen Errol Metro from Istanbul. Explained Boogie Confidence:

“We saw a dog using its metro and trains and it knows where to go. It knows where to get out. It looks like it has a purpose.”

Some human city dwellers may not know the routes as Boji thinks. Also, I would be willing to bet on most humans. Don’t follow the rules as he does.Always wait until passengers get off the train early.


Dear traveler, everyone knows and loves.

This is not surprising. This kind of dog got a lot of attention.. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has created a Twitter account for Boogie with more than 63,000 followers. Other people who run with him on the subway will take pictures with him on social media.

Boozy’s Twitter account has been accused of being a PR assistant to the government, but most like to watch it just for him: cute.


Regardless, they are definitely a good role model for promoting the use of public transport. A tweet with Boozy’s picture waiting for the train:

(Translated from Turkish)I never cross the yellow line for safety reasons. Nor do you want to. “


Above all, Boji’s lifestyle shows us the value of living in the moment and appreciating what you can do. Errol explained:

“You take the train and all of a sudden, you see Boji. And look at him. He’s lying, just like that. You just smile and hold on to that moment, really. That’s what Boji offers to the people of Istanbul.” He also reminds us that we can still enjoy Istanbul.

Follow Boogie’s Twitter account. For more photos and videos of the world’s most beautiful travelers.

Featured image: Twitter

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